Camille Blue - Marshall Mouse - Book Readings

Live readings and book signings by Camille Blue!

Live readings are an excellent way to get kids excited about reading and writing. Plus, they’re fun for you and for the kids! You can book Camille Blue now for live readings and book signings at schools, book stores, gift shops, or anything else under the sun.

For children: Camille Blue will come to wherever you would like the reading and signing to take place. She’ll bring along her books and read you the adventures of her favorite mouse, Marshall. If you’re lucky, she’ll show you some really cool pictures of Fish Faces and tell you their adventures as well! Afterwards, Camille Blue will answer any questions you or the kids might have about her books, her career as an author, or anything else. Then, she can sign copies of the books to add a personal touch and memories to last for years.

For teenagers: Camille Blue will come to wherever you would like the event to take place. From there, she will mentor and inform teenagers about writing and publishing. Camille will tell them her personal stories, her wins and hardships, and how exactly she became an author! This is an amazing opportunity for students to get excited and educated about the joys of writing.

How do I book Camille Blue for an event?

Please click here to book Camille Blue now! Alternatively, send an email to